About Us

Company Profile

Maxam is an established wooden flooring company with a large distribution network across the UK and an extensive background in flooring manufacturing in Asia.

Our state of the art facility in Asia measures 38,000 square meters, uses the most technologically advanced equipment available, employs in excess of 200 staff, and has a monthly production capacity of 50,000 square meters of various wood flooring. Because of this we have been able to sell to over 20 different countries in Europe, North America, and Asia for decades.

We have approached the UK market as a distributor with the aim of providing a better service and higher levels of engagement with British customers.

Our dedicated warehouse in Essex allows us to store considerable amounts of engineered wood flooring, buying in large quantities and passing on the savings to our customers.


We offer free samples of all of our available flooring products. This is straightforward to take advantage of - simply browse the site then click the "free sample" button on the product pages - this adds the product to the sample cart, and will  help you to get a feel for the flooring before making a final decision and purchase.