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All our floorings are produced at our own factory, meaning we can offer the top quality floorings and affordable prices. Our timbers are sourced from French, America and Russia to ensure the highest quality. We will not be beaten on price and guarantee to beat any quote from a competitor. We also thick our product is better, and really recommend that you compare it yourself. We consistently beat our competitors with like for like products.


Engineered wood flooring is basically a wooden plank consisting of real timber that has been carefully pressed into two or more layers. By placing each layer so that the grain runs at 90° it becomes virtually impossible for the wood to swell or shrink with changes in humidity and so dramatically increases its stability. Once the floor has been put in, only the top of these layers can be seen.

The top layer of an engineered board is solid wood, usually hardwood, and may be anything from 2 to 6mm thick; obviously the thicker the surface layer the more times it can be sanded and refinished to remove the ravages of wear; the thickest wear layers are equivalent to those on solid timber boards. The top layer is securely bonded to one or two further layers - this may be a multi-layered plywood or a sandwich with either a softwood or hardwood core.


Solid Wood Flooring (also known as Hardwood flooring) is made from 100% wood thickness and can range from 18mm up to 20mm. The solid tongue and groove planks come in a variety of widths and lengths with absorption strips, cut lengthwise into the back of each plank to minimize the possibility of the wood warping or splitting through excessive humidity or heat, before it’s installed in your home. Stained and available in a range of colour choices, the top surface of the planks, is finished with a polyurethane coating or an oil-based finish, which eliminates the need for waxing.


Parquet flooring is a made from small blocks or strips of wood which are laid to create a regular and geometric pattern. Often referred to as herringbone and mosaic flooring, parquet flooring is highly appreciated and recognised thanks to its decorative effect.


Unfinished hardwood floors are an excellent choice when it comes to wood flooring. It does take time and effort to install and finish wood floors on-site, but the result is highly rewarding. It enables a greater range of flooring options with multiple colours, stains, finishes, and styles. The two main reasons why finishes are applied to hardwood flooring are to protect the wood from damage, such as stains, moisture and mechanical wear and to highlight the wood's natural colour and beauty. You can alter the appearance of your hardwood flooring by applying wood floor stain finish before sealing the wood. This option also allows the customer to stain the wood in any desired colour, even such a colour that is not available in pre-finished flooring products.


Here at Maxam Flooring we have an extensive range of accessories including flooring underlay, scotia, skirting, adhesives and installation tools to fit your new floor. All of our accessories are made to match each of our floor coverings. Accessories are often forgotten when ordering flooring so please do take a look beforehand.